February 15, 2020
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Expereo Covid-19 Preparedness

Dear valued partner,

As Expereo continues to monitor Coronavirus (COVID-19) developments closely, the health and safety of our employees, customers, suppliers, and their employees are of utmost importance to us.

Based on recent developments and following the guidance set out by the World Health Organization, Expereo has recently instituted company policies to protect the well-being of all employees, customers and suppliers, and to ensure continued uninterrupted services.

These policies include:

  • Enabled work-from-home capabilities within impacted regions.
  • Instructed employees to leverage technology and conduct internal and external meetings virtually as much as possible.
  • Deployed a global strategy to continue the delivery of services and support to our clients.
  • Provided our employees with information and best practices to prevent the spread of any illness.
  • Coordinated with local service providers to ensure services are effectively maintained without interruption and harm to the public.
  • Limited all non-essential business travel worldwide.
  • Cancelled participation in all conferences and other Industry large events until end of April. We will evaluate the need to extend this policy.

We will continue to monitor the COVID-19 situation and will shift workloads, as necessary, to ensure essential services remain operable.Expereo has demonstrated unwavering support to our customers in past emergency situations and in dealing with the present circumstances. We will continue to use every effort to deliver uninterrupted essential services to all our clients. Expereo’s business set-up is resilient in itself, both organizationally with globally dispersed support teams, as well as the core principle of “the Internet” itself; proven resilient. Our employees can continue to perform critical tasks from their home office when needed.

We are also working closely with our supply chain to ensure that they have equivalent plans in place and clear visibility of any potential impacts. The current status of our supply chain is positive, with suppliers giving us strong assurances of uninterrupted support over the coming months.

This is an unprecedented time for everyone, and the situation is changing daily. We are committed to maintaining our business operations and ensuring you continue to receive the highest quality service without disruption.

Irwin Fouwels

Chief Executive Officer



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