June 09, 2020 | 5 min read
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4 things to consider when connecting your Latin American sites

Expereo team

Sourcing distributed Internet access in a region like Latin America is already a challenge. But when you consider offshore or remote locations, complex geography, multiple languages, and multiple currencies – is the Internet even an option here? 

Internet in Latam? We've got this. 

  1. You might need to start from scratch.

We all know the great cities in LATAM: Buenos Aires, Lima, Bogotá, Santiago… to name a few. But we know less about the small, remote towns where much of the region’s economy actually occurs in the mining, agriculture, or manufacturing industries. Businesses with remote sites need to be aware that the infrastructure required might not yet be in place – but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible to build. 

For a multinational customer with sites in Peru, we had to create a complete infrastructure by installing towers and cabling the mining site. Every activity had to be planned weeks in advance, following rigorous procedures and overcoming bureaucratic barriers. This was only possible thanks to Expereo’s partnership with a local company specialized in taking Internet to very remote locations. 

  1. Internet,porfavor. (Yes, language matters) 

Yes, it is possible to work with a carrier to deploy your Internet connections in Latin America – but having a team that understands the local languages is key. When it’s time for service installation or support and lifecycle management, often businesses discover that their provider’s delivery and support teams, the on-site staff, and any bureaucratic procedures or documents will be done in the local language.  

Expereo’s team of local specialists, in partnership with our local providers, bring agility and know-how to these processes. We understand their business culture, follow the installations closely, and deal with the different parties involved in their local language. 

  1. Brazil and its specific regulations

Latin America’s crown jewel is Brazil – a country full of opportunities as much as challenges and is certainly not a place for business beginners. Due to local regulations, the market has allowed many medium-sized Internet providers to blossom – offering much more value and a better price than larger carriers – however, businesses need to be Brazilian to work with such providers. 

Expereo is also a Brazilian Internet provider licensed by Anatel (Brazil’s National Telecommunication Agency). This allows us to work with any licensed Brazilian provider (and we do with more than 100) to fulfill our customers’ regulatory needs. 

  1. Peering with Latam

Internet performance has a higher degree of uncertainty in more remote and off-shore locations when connecting to your LATAM sites. When transforming your network at a global level, it’s important to evaluate what your use cases are – email, VoIP, virtual desktops, critical applications, etc. and to be clear about the critical performance parameters needed – bandwidth, throughput, latency, loss, etc. Expereo has a wealth of data that helps uncover the likely performance from different options, helping you make the best choice. 

Expereo has established partnerships with many middle mile providers that are able to help with either poor-performing routes or the hour to hour uncertainty of Internet “weather”. Through our middle-mile solutions, we can force route traffic on the best path – including on routes that would not be available through standard BGP. So even on the most difficult routes, we can assure the throughput and network quality you need – and for a very reasonable rate! 

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