Global internet as a service

Internet services have become the core component for enterprise networks and cloud connection

Expereo Global Internet

Internet services are now a core component to enterprise and cloud connectivity. Expereo offer global dedicated, broadband and mobile internet connectivity for speeds of 1MB to 100GB+:

  • Broadband services – shared, contended services
  • Dedicated services – DIA provides guaranteed, uncontended services
  • Mobile Connectivity – high-speed mobile data connectivity in 50 countries deliver access to branch sites, remote workers, vehicles or kiosks using the latest 4G/LTE Mobile Connectivity technology, for businesses that require anywhere, anytime global connectivity, bundled with dynamic or public static IP addressing, allowing mobile connectivity to be integrated into any network design, across the globe.

Since 2004 we have built and actively performance manage a global network of suppliers in 190+ countries

The true cost of Internet

The true costs of managing an Internet-centric network are not found on ISP price pages. Broadband comes cheap, but the real costs of maintaining a reliable “Do-It-Yourself” network are often hidden – and higher than expected. Adding bandwidth to cope with latency can help, but the problem persists due to the nature of the Internet.

Why Expereo Global Internet?

Cloud connectivity

Expereo provides a unique Global Internet access service connecting more than 10,000 enterprise and government customer sites to the Cloud, with 24/7 global support.

Experience & expertise

Since 2004 we have built and actively manage the performance of a global network of suppliers in 190+ countries with the full portfolio of Internet access services.

Quality-led networking

The quality of your Internet underlay will define the quality of your overlay; the services you deliver via the Internet – voice, video, data, applications.

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