Networks are changing. Your network management needs to change with them.

The next evolution for your business: cost-effective, flexible, consistently high-performance software defined networking

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Wide area networks (WAN’s) have evolved to the point that majority of traffic is directed to the Internet.
And networks are changing…

Wide area networks (WANs) have evolved to the point that the majority of traffic is directed to the Internet. And networks are changing – with mobile, server virtualization, and cloud services all shifting the way we work, enterprises with global presence are encountering three common challenges:

  • Coping with higher bandwidth demands
  • Impaired cloud connectivity
  • Effective management of costs
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Implementing a software defined wide area network (SD-WAN) can help your business to deliver an efficient, optimised, and cost-efficient network that drives your business forward.

Don’t stay locked into the static and complex architecture of traditional networks. Try a new approach to network management that offers flexibility and easy troubleshooting.
Expereo provides global, end-to-end SD-WAN lifecycle management based on decades of experience with Internet connectivity – from design, deployment and management to 24/7 NOC + CSC operational support for day-to-day responsibility, plus security managed services.

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Get SD-WAN ready with a single global provider for your complete network lifecycle – fully prepare your business to benefit from a network evolution

Any SD-WAN hardware must be racked, stacked, and configured at global scale. Expereo will deploy and install SD-WAN capable hardware to your sites in 190+ countries, with the added benefit of a single Expereo invoice. And we won’t stop at deployment – from connectivity to design, consultancy, deployment, field services, and day-to-day management, you’ll benefit from SD-WAN managed services based on deep experience in delivering network connectivity, virtual private network services, and demystifying the Internet puzzle.

Stay connected 24/7. Our SD-WAN architecture ensures you stay connected wherever, whenever

With Expereo SD-WAN management you experience scalable dedicated and broadband Internet services for SD-WAN access to your Cloud applications and data anywhere you need it – and with 24/7 proactive global NOC (network operations centre) support. And, while SD-WAN has some optimisation in the WAN overlay, a quality internet underlay for users is essential. We ensure you achieve consistent performance based on a global supplier base that ensures optimal connectivity for your enterprise.

Visualise and manage application performance across your SD-WAN with orchestration and reporting, and deploy complex features in minutes rather than days

Real-time site traffic control and advanced network orchestration, performance reporting, monitoring and visualization capabilities add a comprehensive visibility layer to your SD-WAN network, so you’re never left in the dark. Furthermore, we support incident and network change management with most major SD-WAN vendors, so we can work with whomever you choose. Select your own SD-WAN vendor or rely on our experience and POC options to assist you with vendor selection.

The expereo SD-WAN service

how we do it

Expereo provides managed SD-WAN in a modular ‘building block’ format.
Select specific SD-WAN services and tailor the network to your needs.

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Consult & Design

SD-WAN network design that works for you

We work to understand exactly your requirements and design a solution that fits those needs. This includes the choice of appropriate Internet access connectivity, addressing any non SD-WAN requirements, and selecting accurately scaled SD-WAN equipment.

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Procurement & logistics

Easily transfer SD-WAN CPE to your site

We sources and deliver equipment to 190+ countries. Depending on geographies, this process can be a blend between regionalised and centralised procurement. We will be on-hand to advise you throughout the procurement process on availability and timelines.

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Install & stage

Simple configuration for your SD-WAN CPE

We maintain an extensive network of local system integrators and vendors that enable us to install and stage SD-WAN equipment globally. An engineer contracted by Expereo can also connect the equipment to the enterprise LAN upon request.

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Configure & integrate

Seamless integration your site into your network

Leveraging knowledge of multiple SD-WAN technologies, our engineers will configure the agreed setup for each site and integrate it into the agreed network design. This includes migration from legacy MPLS networks, coordination of third parties, and more.

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Incident Management

high-end CPE incident resolution (RMA)

We provide full Incident Management for RMA on CPE. Incident Management also covers software updates and hardware replacement where necessary.

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Incident Management

SD-WAN network issue management and resolution

Our support engineers also provide support on the SD-WAN overlay network for all supported SD-WAN technologies. Expereo acts as a single point of contact to assess, investigate and triage any SD-WAN incident reported by Enterprise IT.

Step 7 Oval 4
Change Management

Simplify network configuration and traffic policies

We’ll work with you throughout the service lifecycle to develop and finetune change management scenarios that best fit the customer environment, from the physical layer of the SD-WAN deployment to the overlay and underlay.

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Network Management Services

Continual design & performance reviews for CSI

We continually optimize services to identify the best solutions for your enterprise requirements. Network management services include 24/7, 365 NOC and CSC support and a comprehensive customer portal for complete network management visibility.

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Securely operate SD-WAN and move to the cloud with confidence

Expereo’s Secure XDN provides a comprehensive suite of on-premise and cloud-based security services, including security infrastructure management for internet break-out services and firewall management, threat monitoring and response, and vulnerability lifecycle management.

The benefits of SD-WANfor your business

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Greatly reduce
your network costs

Better utilise Internet bandwidth, and reduce OPEX with centralised resources and CAPEX.

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network management

Focus on optimisation, not administration. Easily deploy and manage SLA-based policies for every application in use, plus Certificate Authorities.

agile Created with Sketch.

more agile

Enjoy faster deployment and integration of new branch offices with centrally managed services and policies.

optimise for Created with Sketch.

for the Cloud

Work faster and more efficiently. With SD-WAN, application performance monitoring and routing improves SaaS workload performance across all offices.

enhance performance Created with Sketch.

Enhance your network

Make downtime a think of the past. Utilize multiple links with active-active capability and performance-based routing for a faster, better-connected network.

security Created with Sketch.

Be confident
in your security

Move to the Cloud with confidence. With greater network control, segmented security policies and increased security measures are simpler to deploy.

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