Move to the Cloud with confidence.


Internet-centric WAN for today’s business needs

Enable Cloud connectivity

Drive your digital transformation, creating a reliable connection from branch locations to the Cloud, and meet global enterprise demands.

Reduce cost and reliance on MPLS

Achieve cost-savings as high as 90% by leveraging lower WAN transport and infrastructure fees, plus improved operational efficiencies.

Gain more flexibility

Mix and match access technologies, carriers, hardware and other network components to best suit your business requirements.

Improve user experience and application performance

Direct traffic to essential Cloud applications – such as Slack, SalesForce, and Office365 – delivering the highest levels of speed and productivity.

Protect your business

Utilizing greater network control of SD-WAN by securing your network traffic.

Fast-changing business needs and reporting

Monitor live performance data from your entire network environment.


Expereo certified as Advanced partner of Cisco’s Cloud and Managed Services Program

“Ultimately, it proves our commitment to our customers to provide them with leading technologies, in a highly compliant environment”, explains Catherine Lee, Director of Service Development at Expereo.

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Why SD-WAN with Expereo

All the benefits of SD-WAN with no hassle and unmatched global reach.

  • Connectivity
  • Design
  • Consultancy
  • Deployment
  • Field services
  • Day-to-day management

We understand your exact business requirements and design an SD-WAN package tailored to your needs.

Our end-to-end SD-WAN services include site surveys and installations, testing, 24/7 support, issue resolution and more, for all global deployment and integrations.

The right SD-WAN solution for your requirements

SD-WAN comparison

Why SD-WAN with Expereo
Global carriers
SD-WAN vendors
Cost-effective & scalable

As enterprises move to the Cloud and business grows, more bandwidth is required. Scale up your bandwidth globally at a cost effective rate, with SD-WAN.

Global carriers
SD-WAN vendors
Global Internet

Easily set up broadband or DIA services around the world to support SD-WAN, back up, or diversity requirements.

Global carriers
SD-WAN vendors
Prioritize & optimize

Prioritize data between critical and noncritical traffic and optimize application performance between locations.

Global carriers
SD-WAN vendors
Managed service

Get fully managed, end-to-end network services  such as sourcing, design, delivery, and support for SD-WAN.

Global carriers
SD-WAN vendors

Overlay existing networks with no hassle and handpick every component of your SD-WAN, from carriers, to vendors, and Internet access technology.

Global carriers
SD-WAN vendors
Site deployment

Expereo SD-WAN Typical deployment

How we do it

Fully managed SD-WAN that fits your network requirements

our sd-wan process

Consult & design

SD-WAN network design that works for you

We work to understand your requirements and design a solution that fits those needs. This includes the choice of appropriate Internet access connectivity, addressing any non SD-WAN requirements, and selecting accurately scaled SD-WAN equipment.

Procurement & logistics

Easily transfer SD-WAN CPE to your site

We source and deliver equipment to 190+ countries. Depending on your site location, this process can be a blend between regional and central procurement. We will be on-hand to advise you throughout the procurement process on availability and timelines.

Install & stage

Simple configuration for your SD-WAN CPE

We maintain an extensive network of local system integrators and vendors that enable us to install and stage SD-WAN equipment globally. An engineer contracted by Expereo can also connect the equipment to the enterprise LAN upon request.

configure & integrate

Seamless integration of your site into your network

Leveraging knowledge of multiple SD-WAN technologies, our engineers will configure an agreed setup for each site and integrate it into the agreed network design. This includes migration from legacy MPLS networks, coordination of third parties, and more.

Incident resolution

High-end CPE incident resolution (RMA)

We provide full Incident Management for RMA on CPE and also cover software updates and hardware replacement where necessary.

Issue Management

SD-WAN network issue management & resolution

Our support engineers provide support on the SD-WAN overlay network for all supported SD-WAN technologies. Expereo acts as a single point of contact to assess, investigate and triage any SD-WAN incident reported by enterprise IT.

change management

Simplify network configuration and traffic policies

We’ll work with you throughout the service lifecycle to develop and finetune change management scenarios that best fit your environment, from the physical layer of the SD-WAN deployment to the overlay and underlay.

Network Management services

Continual design & performance reviews for CSI

We continually optimize services to identify the best solutions for your enterprise requirements. Network management services include 24/7, 365 NOC and CSC support and a comprehensive customer portal for complete network management visibility.


Securely operate SD-WAN and move to the Cloud with confidence

Expereo’s Secure Portfolio provides a comprehensive suite of on-premise and Cloud-based security services, including security infrastructure management for Internet break-out services and firewall management, threat monitoring and response, and vulnerability lifecycle management.

In-depth information

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