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How to secure your network as you transition from MPLS

The trend towards remote and hybrid working and an uptake in cloud application investment means you need to understand how to secure your network. That means knowing what tools you need, what skills, experience and insight.

The threats and risks of getting this wrong are very real, cyber-attacks are expensive and the fallout can be massive. From lost contracts and legal issues to even a loss of reputation.

While many enterprises are migrating from MPLS to the Internet to manage costs, improve scalability, and enhance bandwidth to support cloud and real-time applications, the benefits of the private network MPLS provides need to be offset with public Internet options that are implemented with encryption and/or security in mind.

In our whitepaper, Now is the time to move to the Internet, Brian Washburn, Research Director at Omdia provides his insight on:

  • Why businesses are choosing Internet connectivity for their network infrastructure
  • Considerations when selecting the right strategy for you
  • The optimized network delivering the performance you expect
  • Selecting the right partner to enable your business strategy
  • The 7 step checklist for a successful migration to Internet connectivity

When it comes to how to secure your network, you need to know you’re working with a partner who knows the ins and outs of SD-WAN implementation.

Download this free whitepaper for a seven-step guide on how to keep security first and foremost when you migrate from MPLS to SD-WAN.

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