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Wireless WAN capabilities may suit your needs more than you think

Wired networks are under strain from the push towards cloud services, IoT devices, and greater mobility. Enterprises are tasked with achieving broader reach, increased diversity, and better operational flexibility to drive competitive advantage. However, wireless WANs, based on the capabilities of 4G LTE and more powerful 5G technology, are becoming an essential part of any organization’s digital transformation.

But getting wireless WAN deployments right can be make or break. Especially when it comes to implementing technology diversity, and expanding your connectivity capabilities.

In this whitepaper, produced in partnership with Cradlepoint, we outline five key strategies to ensure a successful wireless WAN deployment.

Download our whitepaper, Wans beyond wires, today to learn the key wireless WAN capabilities for:

  • Enhancing network failover
  • Augmenting network bandwidth
  • Making wireless the primary link
  • Expanding IoT capabilities
  • Boosting business mobility

As we all race to transform digitally to reach as many opportunities as possible, enterprise networks can no longer be defined by fixed locations. Instead, they should be made up of people, vehicles, pop-up locations, kiosks, cloud services, and an ever-growing universe of IoT devices.

That’s why it’s important to understand why and how you should implement wireless WANs. Download our whitepaper and explore how you can implement wireless WANs with a trusted partner to reach your digital future faster.  

If you have any questions about wireless WAN, get in touch today.


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