March 04, 2024 | 5 min read
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A month of conversation: Enhanced Internet launch

Ben Elms

Chief Executive Officer

It’s around a month to the day now since the launch of Expereo's Enhanced Internet – the world’s first AI-driven and fully Internet-based optimization solution – and the interest has been great. My teams have been telling me the same: between us we’ve been having engaging conversations with organizations around the world as CIOs and IT leaders want to know how our solution, a first of its kind, can deliver for them. The response has been phenomenal, but what exactly does Enhanced Internet offer enterprises and, crucially, what’s next?

Essentially, Enhanced Internet improves the performance of traffic across the whole internet – monitoring, tracking, and predicting the best routes through its AI technology. This provides organizations with the agility, scalability, and resilience that they would have from the public Internet, but in line with the performance levels you might typically expect from a private network. It’s a unique solution, and one that isn’t limited to a small number of cloud locations or providers.

All in all, the benefits it provides are enormous: a reduction in traffic latency by 85%, exceptional application performance levels at all times, and cutting out packet loss altogether – allowing organizations to get the best return on their cloud investments while at the same time driving them to their growth ambitions and targets.

I’m excited to see the results of Enhanced Internet for one of our first customers where we are supporting the intercontinental transit of cloud connectivity from Singapore to Zimbabwe. This customer is using Enhanced Internet and building a hub to manage the transit between all African countries back to Singapore, delivering the stable and robust performance that is needed to run their operations.

We’re all increasingly hearing about organizations choosing to adopt cloud first strategies - coinciding with the huge rise in the number of SaaS applications that most organizations now deploy. But despite this, pressures and demands on IT teams, and on organizations’ IT networks, are rising all the time. As a result, to deliver the real benefits that a move to the cloud can bring, organizations must be able to choose and deploy the cloud applications that best suit their needs, and not just the platforms and applications that can be accessed at a local level. Enhanced Internet provides organizations with the ability to do this.

In the recent conversations I’ve been having, one of the main things I’ve been taking away is that just so many organizations are crying out for improved consistency and quality of application performance. And this is what Enhanced Internet can bring. As my colleague Scott recently touched on, there are huge opportunities for global growth this year for organizations of all kinds. But even if you have got the right talent, leadership, tools, partnerships, and customers in place – as critical components as they all are - it matters for little without exceptional connectivity.

This is in fact what holds so many great businesses back: poor and inconsistent connectivity hampering productivity, growth, and profitability. I think this is why we’ve seen such a great response from existing customers and potential new ones to our product launch – people can see the tangible benefits that Enhanced Internet can bring, not just to IT teams, but to businesses as a whole.

Across all our teams at Expereo, everyone’s worked so hard bringing this solution to market – and the fantastic results and wholly positive sentiments we’ve seen in the first month since launch are a testament to those efforts. We’re now all looking forward to further success – delivering for even more organizations across the world - in the months and years ahead.

Looking for more information about Enhanced Internet from Expereo?

If you would like to read more about Enhanced Internet and how it can help deliver for your organization, you can find all the information about our solution here. Or, if there is something you would like to discuss in more detail with one of our team, get in touch today.

Ben Elms

Chief Executive Officer

Ben brings more than 20 years of operational expertise and leadership in the telecommunications industry. Before joining Expereo, Ben led the Vodafone Global Enterprise business as Group Director Chief Executive Officer.

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