May 29, 2024 | 5 min read
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What does a product launch look like from the inside?

Katie Simons

Global Head of Talent Acquisition

This year feels like it’s racing past as we come to review our latest product launch. But it’s certainly not our last for the year! We launched Enhanced Internet in January 2024 and in April we were ready to launch Fixed Wireless Access. With the momentum of two product launches behind us, we’re excited for what’s coming next because celebrating our achievements, launches, and developments has become a core part of the Expereo culture.

There are many ways to engage employees, but I find there is nothing like a new product or service offering. Firstly, you get to see all your colleagues’ hard work come to fruition. Secondly, it gives everybody a chance to reflect and celebrate.

How do Expereo launch products differently?

In April we relaunched our Fixed Wireless Access solution to provide agile and reliable mobile 4G/LTE/5G Internet coverage, everywhere that you need to do business.

An exciting time for all involved here at Expereo.

We take a product launch as the opportunity to come together and align on the mechanics of our products. We explore its value and how it solves our customers’ challenges. On a personal note, it's a great way to refresh my technical knowledge and do a deep dive into our core differentiators. It's something we don’t always have the chance to do when we are caught up in deadlines and projects.

How product launches bring out the best in our company culture

When we launch a product we put a lot of focus on how it can support our current and future customers. But we don’t just focus externally when we celebrate one of our connectivity solutions.

For example, with the launch of Fixed Wireless Access, we looked internally first. That meant celebrating the Expereo Heroes who made it possible. Everyone who supported the product development and roadmap, who helped it go to market, who provided the strategic direction and vision to achieve its goals, and everyone who had a hand in getting it ready for our customers. Who will manage the customer relationships moving forward, who will implement the solutions, and everyone who will make Fixed Wireless Access a great business continuity solution for our customers.

We acknowledged their commitment and input in a Global All Hands. This allowed us all to come together in every location to share in the excitement and the achievement. We had local office celebrations which, given the time differences in our global offices, lasted an entire day and a night! Our new product launches showcase the great collaboration and hard work of all our employees. We make a point of acknowledging that properly. There’s cake, awards, shoutouts, and more.

So what set’s Expereo’s product culture apart?

One of the great things about working at Expereo is the easy communications between our product development and solutions engineering teams with all other functions. They’re a great team; knowledgeable and always ready to offer their expert opinion for marketing, operations, or when looking for particular skills in the current talent market to enhance our current teams.

They help us to be a cohesive company, aligned behind the benefits and values of each of our connectivity solutions. They’re a driving force in our product launches alongside our marketing team!

You can see it yourself here! Our Chief Product Officer, Sander Barens, talked through our Fixed Wireless Access offering and what makes our Expereo Fixed Wireless Access different from the rest in a recent blog; Why Fixed Wireless Access should be a part of your connectivity strategy.

Ready to join a company that takes careers faster to the future?

Overall we come from many different backgrounds but we align as one to get customers connected faster. We encourage each team to work with an entrepreneurial mindset. Every one of us is empowered to try new ideas, fail fast and learn even quicker.

If you’re interested in a career with Expereo, check out our careers page to see our current vacancies.

Katie Simons

Global Head of Talent Acquisition

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