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Why Fixed Wireless Access should be a key part of your global connectivity strategy

Sander Barens

Chief Product Officer

Every multinational business needs a global connectivity strategy. It’s the key to fast, reliable, and secure bandwidth to keep the business running smoothly, meeting customer demands and able to grow. But how do you know which connectivity solutions would work best for the unique needs of your organization? You need to think about your strategic and operational goals and what kind of connectivity would meet those goals, be it a fixed line or Fixed Wireless Access, among many other options.

Which from the below would best meet your needs?

  • Reliability
  • Performance
  • Ease of deployment
  • Cost efficiency
  • Security
  • Flexibility
  • Business continuity capacity

There are a lot of solutions to choose from that would support these goals, but Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) is becoming increasingly popular among large multinationals.

And we can see why! It certainly meets the typical business needs of reliability, business continuity box, cost efficiency, ease of deployment and flexibility. 

What is Fixed Wireless Access?

A fixed wireless network uses one or more wireless devices to provide Internet connectivity for workspaces or offices. It is becoming a very popular means to connect temporary locations or sites where there simply is no fixed wired connection.

With the help of a 4G or 5G-enabled router and a ready-to-use data SIM, Fixed Wireless Access is much quicker to deploy in comparison with the lengthy processes linked to traditional wired solutions. Sites are commonly deployed in weeks as opposed to months.

Another advantage of FWA is its capacity to act as a dependable failover to preserve business continuity in the event of a service outage. FWA also offers lower latency than alternatives like satellite making it one of the best ways to connect to real-time applications such as IoT devices or real-time systems management.

Forecasts show the total amount of FWA connections reaching 236 million worldwide by 2028. Growing volumes of connections are helping to bring down the cost of customer premise equipment (CPE) and fuel yet further uptake.

Fixed Wireless Access vs fiber, which is better and why?

In a straight contest fiber will always have the edge over FWA due to its high speeds. But if it’s a flexible and affordable option for business continuity or connectivity in remote or temporary locations that you’re looking for, then expect FWA to carry the day.

Hybrid networks that blend both fiber and wireless technologies offer more than just redundancy. Leveraging the benefits of both fiber and wireless at the infrastructure development stage enables organizations to connect much faster than with fiber alone.

What makes Expereo’s Fixed Wireless Access different?

At Expereo, we work in consultative partnership with our customers to understand what their needs are both now, and in the future. This allows us to suggest the right combination of connectivity solutions to truly suit their network connectivity strategy long-term.

When it comes to providing Fixed Wireless Access to our customers, we provide:

  • A truly global opportunity: Whether you are looking to spin up new services and locations quickly or want to use FWA to provide business continuity in all your locations, Expereo is able to facilitate deployment in over 190 countries with dedicated in-region support.
  • Vendor agnostic SIMs: We work with a growing network of local providers to guarantee the best possible connectivity  at your sites, ensuring that should an outage ever occur you are automatically switched to another network.
  • Shared data pools: You canshare data across all your sites, this ensures an efficient use of your data if and when a new site needs it in a cost-effective way
  • An “always-on” continuity solution: You get technology diversity that ensures your network is highly available and your sites stay operational no matter what happens.

Unlike some Fixed Wireless Access solutions which can leave businesses in the dark regarding the performance of their network infrastructure, we give you real-time performance updates as well as complete visibility of your data usage via our network visibility platform, expereoOne.

What should you expect from a Fixed Wireless Access solution from Expereo?

In our capacity as a Managed Service Provider (MSP), we can drive connectivity and enable you to design, source, and implement Fixed Wireless Access whenever and wherever you need it. Furthermore, because of our vendor-agnostic approach you always have failover access to the strongest available signal to ensure continuous uptime for your business.    

When it comes to deployment, we pride ourselves in being able to provide you with the Fixed Wireless Access connectivity you need in days, not months, which is significantly faster than typical wired options. Perfect for new sites that need to get connected quickly and for seamless and efficient integration into your network.

In summary, we are seeing an uptake in FWA adoption from customers who want to use it as an effective, cost-efficient way to ensure business continuity. Overall, we are seeing it become a key connectivity strategy component for many businesses wanting to remain “always on” and always connected in a world where business never sleeps.

When you’re developing your connectivity strategy and thinking about which connectivity solutions would enable you to deploy temporary sites or sites in remote locations that don’t have physical infrastructure yet, or ensure business continuity through technical diversity, Fixed Wireless Access should definitely be high on your list of choices.

Ready to make Fixed Wireless Access a key part of your global connectivity strategy?

Talk to our expert team about your network and business needs and we will help you identify, design, build, and manage the right combination of solutions to solve them.

Read our brochure to learn more about Fixed Wireless Access or get in touch today.

Sander Barens

Chief Product Officer

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