December 01, 2020 | 2 min read
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Why outsource to a Managed Service Provider?

Expereo team

SaaS and IaaS themselves are a form of outsourcing; why should an SD-WAN solution be any different?

Utilizing SaaS and IaaS allows a business to reduce its overheads by virtually eliminating the need for internal on-premise support. An outsourced SD-WAN solution will take care of end to end design, deployment, and maintenance of the entire platform, all the while tailoring it to the specific needs of a business. This is where a dedicated and experienced Managed Service Provider (MSP) can really make all the difference.

A good MSP will be more than a mere provider of services. They’ll be a technology partner, applying their knowledge and expertise to help businesses maximize their network efficiency. MSPs with an interest in hyper-connectivity should offer:

A consultative approach

Be a sounding board for new ideas, helping customers to reach and exceed their goals through the technologies that are available.

Dedicated field services

Customers investing in SD-WAN will be looking for reassurance and a physical presence where required to maximize efficiency and reduce downtime.

Tailored network design

No two businesses are the same. A quality MSP will be able to build a custom solution that fits each individual business perfectly in terms of geography, network traffic, and connectivity.

State of the art monitoring

In order to make the most of an SD-WAN solution, real-time monitoring and 360-degree visibility across the entire network are crucial.

A dedicated MSP should be able to design, implement, and monitor an all-encompassing network solution that powers all aspects of business communications and data transfer. While it may start with a network underlay, things like monitoring suites and AI platforms can add invaluable levels of insight and control.

This is what we do at Expereo. We apply cutting-edge technology and know-how gained through over 15 years of experience to guide businesses in their digital transformation journey. Our range of global services includes managed Internet and hybrid networks, SD-WAN, and Enhanced Internet solutions.

Download our e-book to learn how we can help you boost your network efficiency.

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